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 collaboratively with people in Latin American communities to help them improve their lives through education and health services, with a focus on assisting young women. 



  mutual respect, appreciation and friendships, bridging culture gaps  with volunteers  from many countries sharing experiences with friends in Bolivia. 



    to further awareness of climate change and commitment to healthy and just use of global resources through education and responsible choices. 

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About Us


Our newest innovation

In February, 2019, our support for education in Sorata moved to a new level. A new Student Home, Yatikirin, opened to provide students access to high schools in a new residential program. Based on Alternatives to Violence principles, it fosters self-esteem and responsible decision making through experiential learning activities. In contrast to the local traditions of very harsh punishments and high rates of domestic violence, our students experience restorative justice  and healthy conflict resolution. 


Life-changing opportunities

We provide access to the high schools in Sorata for students who live several hours walk away, and for those who are orphaned or otherwise lack parental support. Our newest student has lived in extreme poverty with her severely developmentally disabled mother. She came to us independently to apply when she learned of our program.


A warm supportive community

Students interact with mutual support in a variety of activities. A team of facilitators  who share activities with students regularly includes a psychologist, a social worker, an attorney, a sports director and more.

Supporting education in Sorata, Bolivia since 2006

From 2006 through 2018 WALJOK partnered with Bolivian Quaker Education Fund in support of high school access for some of the world's most impoverished rural communities.



  •  The extensive Sorata Valley, in the Bolivian Andes, has nearly 100 small communities dependent primarily on subsistence farming. Bolivia has consistently been the poorest country in South America, with severe rural poverty. Most villages here are several hours walk from Sorata, which has the nearest high schools. 
  • Benito, a young university student from a Quaker community in the valley, dreamed of a residence in the town of Sorata where young people like him could have easy access to the high schools in Sorata. A secondary education is a major advance in itself, and also enables access to higher education. Benito’s dream became reality in 2006 with the opening of the Student Residence in Sorata, a partnership including WALJOK, Bolivian Education Fund, and the La Paz office of BQE-Bo. 
  • A university graduate can earn almost as much in a month as the annual cash income of subsistence farmers. 
  •    Education opens doors to a future the parents of these students never dreamed of. Until recently, rural Bolivians had little hope of escape from grinding  poverty. Recent revolutionary changes have begun to free the indigenous majority from 5 centuries of severe oppression and discrimination.  Opportunities are now open for young indigenous Aymara to attend university and obtain professional employment.

Aspiring young learners


  • More than three-quarters of our graduates have gone on to higher education--several to universities, others to a variety of technical courses. Currently, our graduates are studying for careers that include metallurgy, civil engineering, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine,  and music education.

A story of remarkable achievement


  • Benito with 2 fathers. On the day we were to post the list of accepted students, Juana Ruperta's father (left) and a neighbor walked mountain trails in the rain for 6 pre-dawn hours to ensure their daughters were accepted for 7th grade. Fortunately they were!
  • Juana Ruperta is now doing well in her final year of a 5-year university course in nursing.  She expects to graduate in December, 2019.
  • Download her story with photos below.

Juana's Story

2018 Juana Ruperta--A remarkable Nursing Student (pdf)


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The WALJOK Foundation


Power to Women!

Education enables young women to help change their world.


 Albertina is now completing a degree in veterinary medicine and plans to open the first ever veterinary clinic in Sorata.

Most of our graduates go on to advanced study.  Our young women have chosen career paths that include nursing, dentistry, education, law, veterinary medicine, office administration, French, gastronomy and more.

See Juana's Story

Confronting violence with Conflict Resolution skills


Magaly Quispe Yujra is an amazing example of how education can empower leadership for wide impact. As a sociology major with a BQEF scholarship, she  was also trained as a facilitator of Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) workshops. She recognized the need for this in prisons and  has now spread AVP  to prisons in all the major cities in Bolivia. With AVP International, she has led AVP  community workshops  in  4 Latin American countries and trauma healing workshops in Nepal .

She is now leading an innovative residential project in Sorata, implementing AVP principles and practices in everyday life.

Preventing Domestic Violence for high schoolers


To address Bolivia's high rate of Domestic Violence, Magaly and WALJOK are collaborating to bring  the power of Alternatives to Violence Program (AVP) to Prevention of Domestic Violence workshops for adolescents, providing insights and tools for resolving conflict and preventing violence in teenage relationships. The first workshops  held for juniors and seniors, teachers and parents were received with great enthusiasm. 

The program is so effective that it has been been expanded to include all 4 years of high school. She is training new facilitators in order to meet widespread demand .


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