BQEF Quaker Study Tour Bolivia 2018

Bolivian Quaker Education Fund Study Tour July 25 to August 9

 We encourage you to contact our partner BQEF about the Quaker Study Tour they  are sponsoring. You will meet some of the world's third largest population of Quakers, spend  time at the Student Residence in Sorata sharing experiences with teenagers from remote communities, share a traditional lunch with BQEF university scholarship students, meet some remarkable graduates and see how they are changing their  world. 

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Gain an overview of Bolivia's history and culture, from Inka and pre-Inka times, the effects of Colonialism, the era of the Republic through the emergence in this century of the Plurinational State of Bolivia.

Visit those whose lives have dramatically improved with the educational support of Bolivian Quaker Education Fund and the development projects of Quaker Bolivia Link Learn about the cultural transformation taking place and interact with Friends who benefit from it.